How to select the right taps for kitchen sinks

In a constantly changing world there are abundant options for each and every type of basin, with a variety of basins themselves. Using the right type of taps and sinks can be a great way to enhance and uplift the entire look of a bathroom or kitchen space. However, choosing the right kind of tap is not as easy as it seems.

Firstly, a person should know various back-end information regarding the pressure of water, style of tap, finishing of the tap and sink as well as the whereabouts on or around the basin on which the tap is to be mounted.

The taps that are installed can be contemporary or traditional and can enhance any décor drastically. Before choosing the actual tap itself, it is important to take into consideration the design of the kitchen. The kitchen design can be modern or traditional. Vintage tap designs can be used to enhance a country or farmhouse type of kitchen while modern taps will fit best with contemporary kitchen designs.

Kitchen taps with swivel spouts can easily be moved out of the way, hence allowing easier access to the sink. There are even taps that provide boiling hot water on demand for tea and coffee which can be customised and connected based on the consumer needs. These taps are however very modern.

A high-pressure water system generally has a much wider reach of options and can work with various taps. There are different types of systems that affect the water flow like:

  • Low pressure systems: these systems have a cold-water tank installed in the loft and a hot water tank generally else were in a cylindrical form generally in an airing cupboard. This system will require a tap that can work with the low-pressure system and hence limits the options to choose from.
  • High pressure vented system: This refers to a system where the house has a combination boiler that is often installed in the walls of the kitchen. In such a system there are no hot and cold-water tanks individually. A combination boiler generally has cold water that is fed directly to the taps. The cold water can be quickly heated and pumped around the house.
  • High pressure unvented system: This refers to a system where a hot water tank is installed but there is no cold-water tank. The water is stored only in this hot water tank and there are heaters to maintain the warm/ hot temperatures of the water.
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