How to select taps for bathrooms

Taps are essential parts of any bathrooms and can create a strong bathroom design not just functionally but visually as well. There are abundant designs to choose bathroom basin and taps from which may often confuse the customers and can lead to unsuitable and wasteful purchases that do not live up to their promised expectations due to various reasons.

Keeping in mind various factors to select the right kind of bathroom taps is essential and will lead to the effective functionality of the taps for many years with little to no maintenance.

  • Water pressure: This refers to the water pressure system in homes that will give the taps a decent flow of water. A low pressure or gravity fed system is often associated with low pressure taps while a boiler system can direct a customer to medium and high pressure taps to be installed. A low-pressure tap works most efficiently with a high-pressure water system, however using a high pressure tap in a low-pressure water system may be counterproductive and not give the desired water flow. This causes high pressure taps to be more commonly and widely available as well as installed more often in homes.
  • Tap holes: The type of basin often dictates the type of tap that should be installed. The number of holes in the sanitary ware should match the number of holes in the tap. Most bathroom basins come with one or two pre drilled holes that are based on the type of basin, that is, modern or contemporary. The two holes tap systems are often for hot and cold water individually.
  • Style of taps: The style of tap plays the most important role in the visual effect of the bathroom and exquisite looking taps can easily become the center of attention in a bathroom. Upgrading or changing the taps in a bathroom is the simplest and most cost-effective way in changing the entire look of the bathroom. It is also vital to ensure that all the taps in the same bathroom are matching with each other as unmatched taps can be extremely displeasing to look at.
    Taps with classic features like cross head handles, detailing etc. can be used to get a vintage look and capture the essence of yesteryears in a bathroom. An elegant look can also be achieved by using traditional pillar taps and bath shower mixtures.
  • Quality of taps: A good quality tap is based on what the tap is made of which can define its quality. Taps made out of solid brass are highly resistant to corrosion recycled brass is the most commonly found material to make taps. A long-lasting option of taps that can be considered is made out of ceramic discs that are highly resistant to water which reduces their wear and tear. They are also highly easy to use and require little to no maintenance.
  • Finishing touches: This refers to the to the externalities of the tap that defines the basis of its practicality for use and helps in bringing together the overall bathroom design.