How to select showers

A shower is a very important part of a bathroom. There are abundant verities of showers to choose from and this can easily confuse a person. A shower design can easily make or break the bathroom’s visual appeal and choosing the right kind of shower is a crucial part of the planning process. This means that the type of shower should be chose based on various factors and not just visual appeal.

The first step is analyzing the bathroom’s plumbing system and water heating system that will directly influence the type of shower selected.

The size and layout of the bathroom will determine where the shower is to be installed. The plumbing system should be planned accordingly as even the smallest of changes can lead to drastic costs and be very time consuming. The exact measurements of the shower should be in alignment with the bathroom especially since there are abundant choices in the market to choose from.

There should be enough space available for the shower unit to be installed in the bathroom and the dimensions of the shower should match the space.

The type of water pressure also makes it interesting to choose the right kind of shower that is to be installed. In a combi boiler house, the water pressure will definitely be high and a shower that can adapt to this high pressure should be used.

Electric showers are quick and easy to install and draw on cold water supplies that can heat water on demand at any point of time. These showers are also very economic as they are highly energy efficient with no wastages. They are best to be used in homes with low pressure water systems. These showers can provide hot water for long periods of time and there is no need to wait for the water to heat up.

If an electric shower is installed for the mere purpose of offsetting the low water pressure in the plumbing system, it should also be kept in mind that the power of the shower system should be maintained. Showers that have the capacity to maintain strong flows of water for long durations will also require a monitor at high power ratings.

A power shower has an inbuilt pump that ensures the flow of water is significantly boosted in cases of low-pressure water systems. This type of shower can also mix hot and cold water just like an electric shower.

Choosing the right value is also an important consideration to be kept in mind. A thermostatic shower valve has two handles out of which one handle controls the amount of water that flows through the shower while the other handle controls the water temperature. These valves help in changing the temperature or water flow while keeping the other factor constant. This type of valve is more suited when no fluctuations are wanted in case of children using the shower. A pressure balance valve has a single handle that controls both aspects of the water, that is, the flow as well as the temperature.